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Healing anxiety, mindfully

Helping you turn your anxiety into inner strength and wisdom. 


Discover the root cause of your anxiety

Together we will identify and address the root causes of your anxiety and emotional distress. By uncovering the deep-rooted patterns and unhealed experiences that lead to these symptoms, you can begin to move towards greater self-awareness and freedom from anxiety. Get to the root of your anxiety and find long-lasting relief.

Take control with coping strategies

With mindfulness and somatic practices, you can learn to cultivate powerful coping strategies and healthier habits for managing your anxiety as well as transforming negative thought patterns. This type of psychotherapy encourages self-compassion, trust in yourself, and the freedom to make choices aligned with your values. Through this process, you can find the courage to confront your fears, explore new possibilities for living, and create meaningful change in your life.

Find inner strength

Learn how to use breathwork, body awareness, and other tools to awaken your inner strength so that you can move through life’s challenges with clarity, courage and grace. Mindful somatic psychotherapy helps you gain self-acceptance and peace of mind by recognizing and embracing all aspects of yourself - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual - so that you can create lasting changes that will help you thrive in all areas of life. 


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