Therapy is an invitation to step inward, listen and learn to be with your experiences. 

Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

Intrusive thoughts and painful feelings seem to be taking over your life and it’s impossible to stop them. Worry, self-doubt, fear, panic...feeling or wishing like your life should be different or easier, that YOU should be different, comparing yourself to others seem to have it all together. 

Your symptoms and struggles are here to talk to you. They are here to let you know what needs to change. And I am here to help you listen. I encourage you stop trying to resist and outrun your anxiety and instead invite it into our sessions to really get to know it. What does it know? What does it want you to hear? Let's find the wisdom in it... And maybe then it will stop controlling your life.

Do you remember when you stopped living and started coping instead?

Life feels really heavy these days. Sadness, low energy, no motivation..waking and facing the day feels overwhelming. It would be so much easier to just go back to sleep. I know that depression can make you feel like there is no way out. It's telling you that you are never good enough and reminds you of all the bad things that happened to you and are still going on in your life. If you are ready to begin a new journey with small steps, we can start right where you are...because no matter what your mind is telling you, there will never be a better time than now!

Women's issues are often relationship 

issues. Your relationships are hurting and you are in pain too! How did you get here? You always thought that you were doing "the right thing," making thoughtful decisions, and now it seems like none of that matters. So...

My Approach

I come here to meet women like you who took the leap and jumped into some serious work with me. Women who experience anxiety, depression, effects of past trauma, relationship problems...because most of these symptoms and issues are connected to something deeper. 

I have been providing psychotherapy for over decade and learned a lot about different approaches, but what I have found over and over again is that the most important part of the healing is the relationship between you and I. The trust and genuine connection is the foundation for this process to work. And that is what I strive for in each session - to create a space that heals...a space that can help you 



                       DEEPER FROM WITHIN YOURSELF

If you’re ready to begin doing some deep work and start the healing, I am here for you and will be there with you. I believe that good therapy leads you to your own answers and resources. I believe that good therapy gets to the root of your problems and helps you understand how the past is still sometimes running your present. Good therapy is safe, supportive, and challenging at the same time! It pushes you the edge of your comfort zone because that may be the only way to change. We will also look at your patterns and beliefs, and explore their impact on your own wellness and your relationships. We may delve into shame and anger, and all the other deeply uncomfortable feelings that continue to shape your way of being. And mindfulness will also play a big role in our sessions. As we sit down together and look over your life, you will be able to heal, discover what's important to you, and design your present and future in a way that's true to you. 


My hope and goal is that therapy with me will help you bring you renewed sense of self-acceptance and self-trust so that you can feel empowered to make the best, most authentic choices for yourself. Your first choice is to select the right therapist for you (not a small task at all...I know), so if you feel like you and I could work well together, please reach out. Call me or email me today! 


How could your life be different?