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Women and relationships

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So you're trying to figure it all out...What are you doing wrong? If only you could be more patient, more understanding, less "needy" and less selfish, maybe then and only then life and your relationships would be perfect. But trying to change yourself for others will never work. It's a setup for disappointment and more pain.

      When was the last time you felt like yourself?

I'll be honest...I don't have the magic formula to having perfect relationships with others and more importantly with yourself. But I can help you to get to know yourself and become more clear about who you are and what you want. It's a daily practice that happens to be easier over time. 



                             One of the most selfless acts is to connect to yourself,

                                                               reclaim your power,

                                                and create your life from the inside out!

I believe in the power of women working together...I believe in the possibility to heal what wants to heal when women see and support each other through pain, loss, and growth. If you’re struggling to know yourself, to trust and express your needs, to set boundaries, and are unhappy with your life/relationship as it is now, here is where you can begin to change that. 

How could your life be different if you believed you are worthy?

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