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Female Friends

Informed journey to better relationships

Each woman has the power to heal from within.

Rediscover yourself in midlife

Take this time as an opportunity to re-examine who you are and start living the life that is true to yourself. Through mindful work and introspective practices, you'll gain the self-awareness you need to understand yourself better and make healthier decisions in your relationships.

Heal from the past and break free from codependency cycles
Together we explore the emotional and physical pain of past events and experiences, helping you recognize patterns that keep you stuck in unhealthy relationships. We will also help you identify codependent behaviors, navigate difficult conversations, cultivate healthier boundaries, and create deeper connections to yourself and others.

A new perspective on relationships

Our sessions together will support you in understanding the dynamics of women's relationships and provide insight into how your experiences have shaped and continue to influence your perspective on your sense of trust and connection. From self-doubt to self-belief, you have the power to make a real change in your life.⁣⁣


             How could your life be different if you believed you are worthy?

I believe in the power of women working together. I believe in the possibility to heal what wants to heal when women see and support each other through pain, loss, and growth. If you’re struggling to know yourself, to trust and express your needs, to set boundaries, and are unhappy with your life/relationship as it is now, here is where you can begin to change that. 

Let’s Work Together

You can choose to take one step closer to feeling better today...  

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